Welcome To Mahanaim Ministries

Mahanaim Ministries is a Church planting mission movement registered with Indian government and Income Tax department . Mahanaim Ministries is a member mission of IMA,EFI,ACC,MUT,GGCN, F2S…etc… Working in Tamilnadu, Kerala,Telungana, Rajasthan, Odisha (partnership) states with more than 70 mission fields. It has 59 career missionaries ,9 associate missionaries, and lot of Tentmakers.

Mahanaim Ministries was started by God’s grace and guidance in the year of 2000 by Pastor Paul P.Radhakrishnan.

Paul P.Radha krishnan, Came to Christ from an traditional Hindu family, when he was in School days and the Lord moulded him in Student ministries. After his Engineering college days ,the Lord used him to plant a church in his own tiny village then moved to other unreached areas to plant churches.